Social Media

We hope you'll take advantage of our social media channels and use #getscrolled so that we can showcase your posts on The Scroll. The list below includes additional channels maintained separately by departments and programs, athletic teams, alumni and student groups.


Alumni and Student Facebook Group
Baltimore Area Alumni
Emerson Literary Society
GOLD Elihu Root Society
Hamilton Alumni in Real Estate
Hamilton and Kirkland College Class of 1977
Hamilton College & Kirkland College Class of 1972
Hamilton College & Kirkland College Class of 1973
Hamilton College Alumni Association: Greater China
Hamilton College Class of 1974
Hamilton College Class of 1978
Hamilton College Class Of 1980
Hamilton College Class of 1981
Hamilton College Class of 1982
Hamilton College Class of 1983
Hamilton College Class of 1986
Hamilton College Class of 1988
Hamilton College Class of 1990
Hamilton College Class of 1991
Hamilton College Class of 1993
Hamilton College Class of 1995
Hamilton College Class of 1996
Hamilton College Class of 1998
Hamilton College Class of 1999
Hamilton College Class of 2003
Hamilton College Class of 2008
Hamilton College Class of 2015
Hamilton College Class of 2016
Hamilton College Class of 2017
Hamilton College Class of 2018
Hamilton College Class of 2019
Hamilton College Men's Baseball
Hamilton College Men's Hockey Alumni
Hamilton College Men's Lacrosse
Hamilton College Multicultural Alumni Relations Committee (MARC)
Hamilton Venture Network
Kirkland Alumnae
Long Island Alumni
New York City Area Alumni
Rhode Island Alumni
Southern California Alumni
Spectrum LGBT – Ally Alumni Network
Washington, D.C. Area Alumni


Basketball (Men's)
Basketball (Women's)
Field Hockey
Hamilton College Athletics
Ice Hockey (Men's)
Ice Hockey (Women's)
Lacrosse (Men's)
Lacrosse (Women's)
Rowing (Men's and Women's)
Soccer (Men's)
Soccer (Women's)
Swimming & Diving (Men's and Women's)

Departments and Programs

Adirondack Adventure
Art Department
Arthur Levitt Public Affairs Center
Bon Appetit Dining Services
Brothers Organization
Burke Library
Career Center
Classics Department
Days-Massolo Center
Digital Humanities Initiative
Euphoria Smoothies
First-Year Experience
Hamilton Adirondack Program
Hamilton College League of Legends
Hamilton Hillel
Hamilton in France
Japanese Program
Literature and Creative Writing Department
Music Department
Opportunity Programs
Ruth and Elmer Wellin Museum of Art
Sadove Student Center at Hamilton College (Student Activities)
Theatre Department
Wellin Hall, Schambach Center for Music and the Performing Arts
Women's and Gender Studies Department
Writing Center

Student Groups and Organizations

The following groups and pages are maintained by Hamilton students or community members.

Hamilton WishMakers Club
Class of 2021
Class of 2022
Class of 2023
Duel Observer (Student Publication)
Duelly Noted
Hamilton College Campus Activities Board (CAB
Hamilton College Democrats
Hamilton College Republicans
Hamilton College Student Assembly
Hamilton Microfinance Group
Hamilton Outing Club
Hamilton Queer Student Union
Minds for Change
Model United Nations
On the Move
Shenandoah-Kirkland Initiative
Student Athlete Advisory Committee
The Hamiltones
The Spectator (Student Newspaper)
Womxn's Center at Hamilton College
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