Ways to Help

As the Hamilton community adjusts to the change in operations necessitated by COVID-19, many have asked about how they can offer support. Here’s what you can do to help right now:

Give to the Student Emergency Aid Society (SEAS)

Provide funding for emergency and/or exceptional needs to students with financial barriers. 

  • During the move to remote learning, the fund was used to cover unplanned travel costs and other related expenses. 
  • SEAS funding will remain available to all students for the remainder of the semester for expenses associated with remote learning. 
  • Throughout the academic year, SEAS supports students with expenses such as unmet medical costs, purchasing attire for job interviews, or travel to a career-related activity.

Support the Student Emergency Aid Society

Support the Hamilton Fund

Year after year, the Hamilton Fund allows College leadership to respond to emerging needs and opportunities, while providing annual operating support. Sustained by thousands of individual contributions annually, the Hamilton Fund is how alumni, parents, and friends can directly impact current students. 

Raise a Hand to Offer Career Assistance

All students, but especially seniors, can benefit from your insight and guidance as the job market adjusts to sudden economic changes.

  • Post a job or internship via Handshake, which the Career Center will distribute to current students. (You may also post about opportunities using this form.)
  • Join the Hamilton Career Network (HCN) to provide students networking opportunities or offer informational or practice interviews.

Give to Summer Internship Funding

  • Help cover cost-of-living expenses for students pursuing critical internships or career-related experiences.

  • All year long, the Class of 2020 has given to Summer Internship Funding as their Senior Gift. Help them in their efforts and consider contributing to Summer Internship Funding in their honor.

Support Summer Internship Funding

Stay connected

The Hamily

Stay connected

Throughout the next few months, Hamilton will offer a series of virtual events to help alumni, parents, and students get together to socialize, network, and learn. Check out the events page and watch for announcements. 



When students and alumni use the term “Hamily,” they’re describing what has always made this place special — our people. In these times of social distancing and remote learning, Hamiltonians are pulling together more than ever to support each other and to help those in their communities.

Have you heard about the CARES Act?
New Legislation

Have you heard about the CARES Act?

New legislation means every non-itemizing taxpayer may claim up to $300 in income tax charitable contribution deductions (even if you don’t normally qualify). Learn more about this temporary charitable deduction. 

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