Standardized Testing Requirements

Standardized Testing Update

Suspension of Testing Requirement

Given the cancellation of spring 2020 SAT and ACT exams, the uncertainty of future test dates, and the extraordinary circumstances many of our prospective families face, Hamilton has temporarily suspended its testing requirement.

For the 2019-20 application cycle, Hamilton will accept official or self-reported scores as part of a student’s application for admission. Hamilton applicants will have a variety of ways to meet our standardized test requirement. They include:
  • The SAT (Essay optional for redesigned SAT); OR
  • The ACT (Writing Section optional); OR
  • Three individual exams of your choice, selected from SAT sections, SAT subject tests, ACT writing, AP scores or IB final exams. One must be a verbal or writing/essay test, one must be a quantitative test, and the third is your choice. The following tests satisfy Hamilton’s quantitative and verbal/writing requirements:

Acceptable Quantitative Tests: SAT Math; SAT Subject Tests in Math, Chemistry, or Physics; AP Computer Science, Chemistry, Economics, Calculus, Physics, or Statistics; IB final exam results for Chemistry, Computing Studies, Economics, Math, Physics, or Physical and Chemical Systems

Acceptable Verbal/Writing Tests: Old SAT Critical Reading; Old SAT Writing; SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing; ACT Writing; SAT Subject Test in Literature; AP English Language and Composition; AP English Literature and Composition; AP European History; AP United States History; AP World History; AP Research; official IB final exam results for Language (A or B English); TOEFL or IELTS (for International students ONLY)

our Philosophy

  • Hamilton requires standardized testing because it is one of several valid predictors of academic success on our campus. However, please remember it is one of many factors that we will consider in our holistic review of your application.
  • It is Hamilton’s policy to select the testing options that will serve you best. Some students do better on the ACT than the SAT, while others excel in SAT subject tests. For this reason, we do not recommend any one test over another. We strongly encourage you to submit all of your testing to Hamilton and the Admission Committee will choose the best scores for you.
  • We do not exercise testing minimums and a quick glance at Hamilton’s distribution of scores for admits will demonstrate that candidates have been successful with a wide range of scores. Generally speaking, however, admitted students who score in the lower range of Hamilton’s test scores are exceptional students who compensate in other compelling ways.
  • While Hamilton’s practice is to “superscore” tests (meaning that the Admission Committee will combine the best Math SAT score from multiple sittings with the best Critical Reading from another, and the same for ACT sub-sections), we will not superscore the new and old SAT sections together.
  • Hamilton wants you to do as well as possible on testing, but it is more important that you do your best work in the classroom. If you are concerned about how to prepare for the SAT in particular, we encourage you to utilize The College Board’s personalized and free practice resources that are provided in partnership with Khan Academy.
  • Transfer applicants who have successfully completed two or more semesters of full-time college coursework by the time they apply are eligible to have their standardized testing waived, if desired. Waiver requests should be sent directly to admission@www.bwenquan.com.


Testing Codes

SAT (CEEB): 2286
ACT: 2754
TOEFL: 2286

Sending test scores

Hamilton accepts official or self-reported scores as part of your application for admission. Ways you can submit your testing include: directly from the testing agency (SAT/TOEFL code: 2286; ACT code 2754); submitted on an official transcript or via official school email; self-reported on the Common Application, Coalition Application, or QuestBridge Application; or a screenshot/pdf of your score report emailed to admission@www.bwenquan.com.  When self-reporting your scores, please do not recalculate or superscore, and send them exactly as you received them. Please note: Official testing (from testing agency or high school official) will be required of all students who choose to enroll at Hamilton and any variance from self-reported testing may jeopardize your admission decision.

Testing Centers and Deadlines

Please refer to the College Board and ACT websites for the most current test dates and information, but generally speaking:

  • Tests taken through October and early November of your senior year (or the year prior to your enrollment) will be received in time for Early Decision Round I.
  • Tests taken through December test dates will be received in time for Early Decision Round II applicants.
  • Tests taken in January may be received in time for consideration for Regular Decision but there is no guarantee they will be received in time to influence your decision.

If you have particular needs, questions, or requests that relate to late testing submissions, please be in touch with the Admission Office at admission@www.bwenquan.com.

Contact Information

Office of Admission

Siuda House
Campus Road
Clinton, NY 13323
800-843-2655 315-859-4457 admission@www.bwenquan.com
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